STEDOL Dangle Puck

Regular price $24.99

Stedol Hockey Dangle Puck glides perfectly on any flat, clean surface, that allows to train your stick handling skills anywhere.

You can use synthetic ice, tiles, laminate, parquet, concrete floor, etc.

Designed for:

• dribbling

• stickhandling

• passing

Dangle Puck has exactly the same size and weight as an official ice hockey puck.

Providing a training experience as realistic as possible. It doesn’t require additional accessories such as gels and aerosols.

Weight: 6 oz. (170 gr.)

Made in EU.

International shipping from 7.99$:

1 puck - 7.99$

2 pucks - 11.99$

3-4 pucks - 19.99$, etc.


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