About us

Russiangrip is a young fast developing brand of hockey equipment from Russia.

Our best seller product is 100% silicone reusable hockey grip. 


- quick and easy to apply

- improves performance

- reduces glove palm wear

- customizable

- reusable

It’s more durable then ordinary rubber grip, a bit thinner and lighter. Due to its properties Russiangrip is suitable for outdoor rinks (up to -40 degrees F), it stays soft and comfortable. Russiangrip is availible in 9 colors: white, black, silver, yellow, yellow neon, green, blue, red and orange. We can make multicolor grips (team colors, national colors). There are two sizes of Russiangrip: Junior (for Youth and Junior sticks) and Senior (for Intermediate and Senior sticks). So you can choose grip which fits your stick. Russiangrips are availible in 3 different types of texture: wrapped (like tape), wrapped ribbed (with spiral) and textile (dotted). You can cut the knob and grip up to your length with scissors (short, with small knob or without it). Plus we make goalie grips.

And we ship worldwide.